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"Volumetric Fund began with the concept to help friends and family invest in the stock market. Since that time in 1979, we have many more investors; however, our dedication and personal attention to our shareholders remains the same. We look to build relationships and treat you as a friend and family member."

Gabriel Gibs - Founder

The information contained on this website is for general and educational purposes only, and does not constitute investment recommendation or advice.  Though this site may contain historical performance data, Volumetric Fund makes no representation as to the accuracy of such market data, and notes that past performance of any investment is not a guarantee of future returns. Nothing on website is intended as a solicitation or offer for the sale of investment products.  Eligibility to participate in Volumetric Fund's opportunities varies from state to state, and is prohibited in some jurisdictions.

Net Asset Value (Ticker: VOLMX)

Record High NAV

Closing Date:            Dec 4, 2020

Share Price:                       $ 23.28

Change:                           + $ 0.24

Year to Date Return:       + 8.73%

Volumetric Index*:        $ 400,842

   *The Volumetric Index shows the value of $10,000 hypothetical investment in Volumetric on Jan 1, 1979, with all dividends and distributions reinvested. Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future performance.

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Investment Style

  • Stock Investing with a Conservative Approach

  • Well Established US Companies

  • Diversified Stock Portfolio of Large and Mid-Size Companies

  • Invest More in Stocks when Market Indicators are Positive and Less when Indicators are Negative, to Find the Right Balance of Growth and Protection

  • Portfolio Allocation is Between Stocks (70% to 95%, typically) and Money Market Investments (30% to 5%, typically). Based on Our Indicators and Market Conditions


Investing since 1979

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Low Account Minimum of $500
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