Volumetric Fund's objective is capital growth. Its secondary objective is downside protection.


Investment Approach

Growth and protection. The Fund uses a downside protection technique to minimize risk.


Investment Style

The Fund considers itself a "multi-cap core" fund. It  invests in a broadly diversified blend of large, mid and to a lesser extent, small-cap stocks. The Fund will allocate a portion of its assets into money market or cash equivalents under negative stock market conditions. Since September 1, 2000, the Fund has introduced a mathematical based trading system, the "Volume and Range" system, to manage its portfolio (see history). 


100% No-Load

No sales commissions

No redemption fees. (To prevent market timing, a 2% fee applies, if shares are held for less then 7 days.)


Investment Minimums

To open an account $500

Additional Purchases $200 ($100 with the Automatic Investment Plan)


How To Invest 

Starting an account with Volumetric is easy. After reading the prospectus, simply fill out the application form and return it to Volumetric with your check. Your shares of the Fund will be purchased the same day your check is received and your statement will be mailed to you the next business day.


How to Obtain Proxy Voting Information

The Fund's proxy voting policies and procedures is available without charge, upon request, by calling the Fund at 1-800-541-3863. The Fund files its proxy voting record with the SEC and the record is available on the SEC's websitewww.sec.gov or upon request from the Fund.