"No-Fee" Retirement Accounts

Volumetric Fund offers a variety of "no-fee" retirement accounts for individuals (both traditional and Roth IRAs), corporations (pension plans) and the self employed (SEP, Individual 401(K)). 

If you open, transfer or rollover an IRA or SEP account into Volumetric Fund, there are no set-up or annual fees. This assumes that your initial investment is at least $2,000. If your investment is less than $2,000 there is an annual fee of $20. For further information please see our "Prospectus" web page. 


Transfer And Rollover Of Retirement Accounts

If you wish to rollover or transfer your retirement account into Volumetric Fund from a bank, broker, employer or other organization, please give us a call at 800-541-3863. We will be happy to assist you and send you the appropriate forms. 

Take Advantage of Volumetric Fund, by Transferring: 

  • Accounts from previous employers
  • Accounts from current employers
  • Retirement accounts held elsewhere


Business Retirement Accounts

Volumetric offers several types of retirement accounts for businesses. We can advise you how your business can take advantage of tax deferred savings.

The following retirement accounts are available:

  • Qualified Retirement Plans
  • SEP-IRA Accounts
  • SIMPLE Plans
  • Individual 401K Plans


Retirement Account Types

To get more information on types of retirement options select the type of account you are interested in:

Retirement account for an:


Or for general retirement information, visit Equity Trust's (Volumetric's IRA custodians) website