September 2000

  • Volumetric Fund introduces an advanced mathematical trading system, the "Volume & Range" system, (previously named "Strength and Protection system"). The goal of the system is to outperform the stock market in both up and down years.



  • Volumetric announces a 3 for 1 stock split



  • Volumetric Fund - gets listed on the stock exchanges - Ticker symbol: VOLMX



  • The Fund is registered with the SEC as it had grown by word of mouth to over 100 shareholders. 
  • The Fund is opened to the public as an open end mutual fund with the investment philosophy based on Mr. Gibs' MBA thesis titled "How To Forecast Stock Trends By Volume Analysis". 



  • Volumetric Fund began as Volumetric Investment Society, a limited partnership. About 17 people invested their money with Gabriel Gibs, founder of Volumetric Fund.